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How To Open And Verify A PayPal Account In Nigeria And Others


Paypal verified

"Here's The SAFEST, EASIEST And QUICKEST Way To Own A Duly Verified USA PayPal Account And Never Have To Worry About Been Limited By PayPal Anymore!"

Congratulation!  for making it in this page, you’re about to discover the secret on how to open a paypal in any country. 

 From Michael Nwanator

Michael Nwanator  Michael Nwanator is an online Researcher, Marketer, Author and Consultant, who has been using the internet as a medium to generate online online and offline. Michael is one of the youngest Nigeria Online Marketer, Coach and Author ever produced.
It is rather unbelievable that till date Nigerians and citizens of several other countries are still unable to harness the full potentials of the internet. Not particularly due to our indifference but because of the challenges Nigerians in particular, have to face in dealing with various online merchants. These merchants and PayPal seem to be in a grand conspiracy against Nigerians for reasons best known to them.
However, we are aware of the increasing number of genuine Nigerian net-preneurs who are unable to do business online as they have all been grouped together and tagged fraudulent and high risk by these online merchant accounts.

Over 80% of sites accept PayPal as means of payment and as such Nigerians can only look and wish as these payment methods seem almost impossible from Nigeria.
A common Nigerian can get his/her PayPal account and transact business right here from Nigeria.
The beautiful thing about this is that these simple secrets of opening a PayPal account in Nigeria and other countries, this works well for opening PayPal account in other countries where PayPal is not allowed.
With this package you can open, verify and operate PayPal account successfully here in Nigeria.

   No Matter What Your Experiences With PayPal Have Been...

You MUST never risk loosing your hard earned money to PayPal again. You don't need to over look that paying internet business due to PayPal problems. NEVER!

It's time to get back all you may have lost due to PayPal 'wahala'


           You can own your own USA PayPal accounts in just 70 hours GUARANTEED!

I have been aside watching some PayPal Guru telling you how to open a PayPal account using proxy sites and liberty reserve account and so on, more especially selling all kinds of rubbish PayPal eBooks to my fellow Nigerians.

Let me tell you the fact, If you are not well equipped on opening and verifying PayPal account your account will be closed immediately you made some cash into it.

Now, After my underground research for about 6 months now I discovered a strategies that break PayPal Jinx.

The below are some of PayPal stories you are been told about by your so-called PayPal Guru:

¤ They tell you that all you need to open a PayPal account is to change your IP and you can access it safely...

¤ Did they tell you that PayPal has a way of 'catching' you via your browser cookies and cache? Even when you successfully change your IP and access your account, these guys never told you that you are only using a shared IP which will invariably lead to your account been limited the next minute.

¤ They tell you to rush to some sites and buy a virtual credit card, then use it to hurriedly verify your PayPal in 60 seconds...

¤ Did they tell you that PayPal knows the difference between physical cards and virtual credit cards?

¤ Did the so called 'PayPal gurus' teach you that there are safe times to access your PayPal account?

¤ Did they tell you that the only time you must login to your PayPal should be ONLY when you want to withdraw?

¤ They will tell you to use your freedom YF to change your IP. The truth about Paypal is that if you rush into anything that has to do with PayPal opening and management without equipping yourself with the basic information needed to safely operate a PayPal account, you must meet the rock half way.
And if you're not lucky, you loose your money like my friend and cry! I guess you don't want such thing to happen to you at all and I don't too; hence I've come with a everlasting solution that break PayPal Jinx .

The below are some of the screenshot of the PayPal we have verified perfectly.

Verified account screenshot

Another PayPal account verified

Verified account screenshot

Now I Shall Be Handing Over This  PayPal Packages To Only 15 Serious Nigerians and Other Countries Who Are Willing To Make Money Online


The below are the list of the bonuses you will get if you have a copy of this guide:

¤ A guide that shows you how to resolve, avoid and eliminate the PayPal nightmare Of having your account limited, money frozen and online business interrupted in less than 24 hours from the very second it happened, in just a few easy steps ...100% GUARANTEED. Value = $27.


¤ Complete comprehensive guide which EXPOSES the PayPal Code and help you prepare yourself for the inevitable, so you will never have to worry about being limited again. This report answers such major PayPal questions like:

¤¤ Why did your account suddenly get suspended?
¤¤ Understanding How "They" Track You!
¤¤ I got limited now what?!
¤¤ Should I Continue to use PayPal?
¤¤ How to Create a New Account.
¤¤ The best way to use your accounts.
¤¤ What NOT To do from new PayPal Account.

¤¤ A report that shows you 10 new and unique ways to make $60 dollars into your PayPal account. The sweet thing about this report is that even if you are a zombie, you can still make a minimum of $60 ($6 from each) from any of these sites daily. Value = N2,500

¤¤ My Complete Guide On how to own a USA master card used for online transactions.

I'll also personally offer you the necessary support in matters related but not limited to the following:
Choosing the best PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, the easiest ways to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria, how to fund PayPal in Nigeria, how to buy and sell PayPal in Nigeria to make big cash.
One secret place to buy mobile and computer gadgets for as low as $0.1 with your PayPal and have them shipped FREE of charge to you anywhere you are in the world.

¤¤ How and where to get a dedicated IP with which you can you can access your PayPal account and go to bed without fear of been limited. This is very important and accounts for 80% of limited accounts! Quote me anywhere!


Money Back Gurantee

Okay... Before You Rush To Place Your Order, Here's a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
I'm aware a lot of people are in doubt about the authenticity of this business probably because of their past experiences with get rich quick gurus . Hence, I declare: "If you place your order and you get a service short of your expectation, I'll refund your full money. Additionally, I will allow you part with the above listed bonuses to compensate you for all the troubles and for wasting your time to try my service. Can you now see that you have nothing to loose?


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You will receive the above packages to your email address immediately your payment is confirmed.


Some maybe wondering/ask themselves this questions probably because they have not done any transaction online for the first time, let me clear your mind. Immediately your payment is confirmed from the bank, I will send the packages to the email address you send to me on text, so all you have to do is to download it, read it with PC or mobile phone or you can equally print it out like a document, read what the packages teaches and implement the procedures that is all.
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To Your Success
Michael Nwanator